Hello, I’m Beth Boatright. I live in the Denver-Boulder area of Colorado and would be pleased to work with clients located anywhere in the world. How I can help you fulfill your mission?

I hold a master’s degree in English from the University of North Carolina, received an editorial certificate from the Carolina Publishing Institute in Chapel Hill, and researched for two years in the highly competitive International Doctoral Program in Foreign Languages and Literature at the National Sun Yat-sen University in beautiful Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

My career includes a copy editing position with Oxford University Press, which provided rigorous training in accuracy and attention to detail, as well as broader editorial and writing positions in the tech sector, where deadlines were short, competing, and often stretched to their limits. I spent ten years as an educator at a US-accredited university in Taipei, where I not only published my own work but also edited the writings of my peers and helped create textbooks used by thousands of students. Here on Colorado’s Front Range, I served for a decade as the technical writing lead for an environmental consulting firm, deepening my ability to communicate scientific information to a wide range of audiences, and for two years as a paralegal, gaining insight into the workings of civil law. Most recently, I served as a management and program analyst for the National Park Service. I love animals and occasionally write urban fantasy. My formal resume is available upon request.